Benefit from true partner relationship management

Partner relationship management

For those that may not be fully aware, partner relationship management is a complex grouping of methodologies, web based capabilities and software that can be used to help create and manage partnerships. Much like channel management software, which is designed to erase the possibility of channel conflict before it begins, partner relationship management could be a key part of a successful business strategy. There are a few different things that a company specializing in partner relationship management could provide for their clients.

A true partner portal and SaaS company could work with a wide variety of businesses. SaaS is a delivery model for software in which associated data and software are hosted centrally on a cloud. The SaaS acronym is alleged to have first appeared in an article entitled “Strategic Backgrounder: Software As A Service.” It was internally published in February 2001 by the eBusiness Division of Software and Information Industry, or SIIA.

True partner relationship management experts know that the expansion of the internet in the 1990s brought about a new class of centralized computer, which became known as Application Service Providers, or ASP. Those same experts in partner relationship management will also be able to tell their clients about how ASPs provided companies with the service of managing and hosting specialized business applications. The goal was to reduce costs through central administration and through a solution providers specialization in a particular company application.

Channel partner management and partner relationship management could help to drastically reduce the work a company has to do. A great deal of that reduction could be found through horizontal scaling. In order to support scalability, the app is installed on multiple machines. This form of partner relationship management could be used to reduce the time it takes to get tasks done and send messages. No matter what kind of industry one may be in, working with a SaaS provider could be the best step towards ensuring success and growth.

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