Turning Your Home Into a Major Entertainment Center

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If you haven’t noticed, in high end homes the trend toward home automation is extending beyond cleaning, lighting (with products like iled lighting fixtures) kitchen appliances and further into the realm of audio visual equipment. Now it’s possible to have remote operated audio visual equipment all through your home. This sort of multiroom audio involves stereo or surround setups in multiple rooms, or surround setups that extend through multiple rooms or down hallways. I

It’s possible to execute lighting control with a remote, and often with lights where it’s possible to achieve different levels of intensity. And of course various types of flatscreen computer monitors and TVs can be set up around your home as well. It’s also possible to set up your audio “network” so that audio can be origination from a computer one moment, and then from a separate stereo system or television the next. Generally these audio visual setups are controlled with a universal remote.

Pro audio is expensive, so what’s the typical cost of outfitting your home with sort of technology? Usually, high! But a pro audio visual setup in your home doesn’t have to be fully automated, or to involve an overwhelming number of electronics. You can always arrange your home’s audio visual gear into a more modest setup.

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