How a Simple Caregiver Journal Can Support Elderly Health Tracking – Greg’s Health Journal

for a senior often results for a senior can result in illness. As per AARP 36% of caregivers think the situation extremely stressful.

Supporting a senior’s well-being can be difficult if stressed or exhausted. You might be noticing it in them and becoming stressed. In the same way as the flight attendant analogy caregiver journaling could help maintain your health in order and help other people. In the event of an emergency, flight attendants first don oxygen masks before they can assist passengers in ensuring their safety.

A study from the Advances in Psychiatric Treatment journal discovered that journaling helps individuals to focus their minds as well as focus on one topic. It also helps offload brain information. Stress makes it challenging to stay focused and rest, but journaling helps you stay focused. Healthy caregivers can be better for senior in general health, compared to unhealthy ones.

2. It will assist you in detecting health changes early

One of the ways caregiver journaling can help seniors track their health can be by helping you spot physical changes in your health early. Many seniors are experiencing an aging-related decline in health throughout the course of their lives. For example, symptoms of dementia might progress slowly and are accompanied by unintentional memory declines, anger bursts, and mood changes. It’s much easier to react to issues knowing how they have progressed.

The health tracking process requires the availability of real-time data at a specific time. Caregiving journaling helps with this. You can, for instance, go to the dentist on the day your elderly relative exhibits signs of dental pain. Your caregiver will help you find patterns that are forming instead of when they’ve formed.

The majority of your hours as a caregiver for patients. However, sometimes small changes may escape your attention because you’re dealing with other issues on your agenda. While you don’t have to keep track of everything that happens within the life of the patient the journaling process can give an overview of the changes happening in their overall health.