What Customers Need to Know About the Fedex Money Back Guarantee – Crevalor Reviews

The delivery was on time. The customer expects a package to be delivered by a specific time , and if the company fails to meet this standard they are also failing the client. In order to ensure that customers are satisfied, companies such as Fedex offer refund policy implemented. However, customers need to be aware that the Fedex money back guarantee comes with guidelines that permit an organization to keep the funds even in the event that the package does not arrive within the specified time.

The money-back guarantee offered by Fedex doesn’t apply to delay in packages caused by events outside of the control of Fedex. These include events such as strikes, extreme weather conditions, and items that require extra requirements to drop off the package for example, requesting that the recipient be able to sign the delivery.

Fedex Express has also enforced various rules which may prevent shippers from getting the refund they were promised. It is the case with packages filled with hazardous items or dry ice. Also, modifications made to the delivery and the rerouting. These all prevent the package from being delivered by the scheduled date and time.

See the video attached to learn more about Fedex’s money-back guarantee.