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How Do You Get New Shingles

You can tell if your roofing is old and most likely to fail within the next few years by watching these warning signs. One of them is the presence of damaged roofing shingles. The best option is to purchase new roofing materials. For experienced roofers, installing shingles is a regular job. But for people with little or no knowledge of roofing or home remodeling this can be a daunting task. Before you start installing new roofing shingles, ensure that the edge of the drip is aligned with your roof edge. After that, you can use pencils to draw lines on both sides of the home. To give the shingles an unidirectional edge make a line using chalk between these markings. Cut the drip edge by at least half-inch away from the line in order to create enough space between the drip edge and the fascia board. Attach the drip edge with a hammer and one-fourteenth-inch galvanized nails that are used to construct roofing. Apply the same technique to gabled edges by placing the edge of the drip along the gables.

Next, apply felt paper asphalt roofing that weighs about 30 pounds. Spread it out and fix it with galvanized nails roofing. As you lay out the layout of the shingles. Start at the roof’s bottom and be sure that your shingles hang over the drip edge, take a tape measure and position at a distance of one inch from the roof’s edge. Make sure to mark the roof starting 12 inches high above the ground. Next, mark each 5 inches on the whole roof. This should be done on each side. Utilize the chalk line to draw straight lines each five inches. You can also use it in drawing vertical straight lines every six inches. Start by installing a course by removing the three tabs of a roof and leaving just the top part of the tar. New shingles can be completed without professional help.


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