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blankets? Most subway users are curious about what the reasons behind why blankets don’t get given from the municipal authorities. The problem is that they are unable to ask for them, unless they are expecting to be disregarded. In reality, if you contact the authority for subways, they’ll tell you that there’s no funds for blankets and because “warm subway blankets” aren’t included on the vendor’s catalogue of products advertised as being available which is why their customers don’t have the chance to ask about these blankets. Debra Satriani one of the subway riders addressed Mayor Bloomberg saying that thousands of subway passengers suffer from severe health problems as well as asthma attacks during winter. In the absence of blankets or heating in trains, these passengers are at risk of their own health and cannot keep up with subway obligations.

In no way is it surprising that five bodega sellers who we spoke to were staunchly opposed the notion of offering blankets. Although there are not plans for blankets being provided however, one of the things that bodegas provide is blankets with decorative designs. A lot of the bodegas around create “baggie”, or trash blankets. Most customers are happy with their results. Many prefer to decorate it with spray bottles. However, there are other choices (such as flower or pea shapes) available for those who desire something more unique. Bodegas stocks a wide selection of blankets designed to keep people in the subway cozy.

Button-up T-shirts

Clothes are one of the most cost-effective items at the bodega’s shelves. Bodegas can sell clothes with a lower cost than clothing. Once a customer buys towels (purchased at the highest range) as well as a handful of other things, they’re done to buy clothes. Bodegas continue to sell great button-up shirts. They can be both practical and fashionable. There are many bodegas that sell them at around $5 per shirt. Though the colors of the shirts are limited to white or navy, they appear stylish and trendy.

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