How to Design a Beautiful Custom Kitchen You Can Actually Cook In – Food Magazine


Custom kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to place the focus on designing a custom-made kitchen. A functional kitchen is only achievable with well-designed cabinets. If there’s a space for everything and there is easy access to all your kitchen tools and cooking is easy. Cabinetry can be customized by a variety of ways. Cabinetry is the main feature for some of the most stunning homes that are custom-designed.

An excellent tip to choose cabinets for the kitchen is to stay clear of a style that is too trendy. It is important not to style your kitchen too much with modern cabinets. If the style stops, it will make the kitchen appear old-fashioned. There was a time not too long ago when “distressed and glaze” cabinets were an incredibly popular trendbut it’s not as often anymore. The trend of open shelving isn’t the only one but it’s gone. The trend is shifting away from open shelves in favor of traditional design.

Choose the first profile of your cabinet doors and pick the right shade. Since cabinetry takes up a huge area in the kitchen, the cabinet color will set the tone. Select cabinets you feel comfortable living with.

Please Don’t Make This Mistake

A beautiful custom kitchen does not require kitchen appliances like those you can find in restaurants. Don’t invest in commercial grade equipment for your kitchen even when you host one dinner party every month for 20 people. To create beautiful, custom kitchens, you do not need to be a chef or choose the commercial kitchen design business. Most real estate agents advise against choosing a “chef’s” kitchen design because you’ll never have the chance to recover your purchase of a refrigerator that is sub-zero.

One of the major mistakes homeowners make when they are designing a beautiful custom kitchen is investing too much in appliances. Make sure you are satisfied by the equipment you pick.