Asset management with Zebra printers

Zebra label printers

Ever since the UPC code on the back of a 10 pack of Wrigleys Juicy Fruit chewing gum was scanned in a supermarket in Troy, Ohio in 1974, electronic asset tracking with bar codes (and, these days, radio frequency identification, or, RFID) has been an integral part of the retail sales process. This technology is constantly evolving and improving, and BCI, an Elite Premier Partner with Zebra Technologies, is dedicated to bringing the latest iterations of asset tracking equipment to businesses that want to streamline and improve their sales processes.

Zebra printers are among the latest pieces of equipment designed to help you organize and track product at your retail store or warehouse. By using Zebra label printers and Zebra thermal printers, you can tag and track the inventory coming in and out of your store or distribution center, and expedite shipment and sales processes.

Zebra printers are simply designed, and easy to use, and they’re not just for retail any more. Healthcare industries have also jumped on the bar code and RFID band wagon, due to the fact that equipment like Zebra printers helps improve accuracy in wound care management, medicine identification and deliver, patient tracking procedures, and much more. You can also purchase wand scanners, handheld scanners, stationary scanners, and more, so that every job has the right tool to help you make the most of your Zebra printers. Additionally, enterprise resource planning (or “ERP”) software can help you utilize Zebra printers to manage external and internal resources, including (but not limited to) financial resources, materials, human resources, and tangible assets.

Contact BCI today if you are interested in finding out more about Zebra printers, and how they can help you streamline and expedite your asset management process. Once you see how BCI products can simplify and improve resource management, you will wish you had gotten in touch with them sooner! Continue reading here.

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