How Your DVR System Works

Video surveillance system

The introduction of the VCR caused the TV industry to panic. This was due to the fact that people were now able to record shows, then watch them whenever they want without watching the commercials. Of course, the TV industry managed to survive but now the VCR is slowly dying out as the DVR system replaces it.

With the DVR system it’s now a whole lot easier to record the TV shows of your choice. These DVR systems are being manufactured by a lot of different companies today. Some of those that you may recognize are TiVo, Motorola, RCA and Scientific Atlanta.

Some of the companies that are manufacturing DVR systems today are actually targeting PC users. One such company is known as Replay TV. This company offers software packages that will turn your computer into a DVR system.

There are also some DVR system manufacturers who have went so far as to turn your computer’s hard drive into a DVR system. These companies include Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba. Such companies make it a whole lot easier for you to have your computer function as a Dvr system.

Some cable companies have also chosen to include a DVR system in some of the packages that they are offering their customers. These companies include Time Warner, Comcast and Cox. Many clients feel that this is a great addition that greatly benefits them.

In the same way that many people originally though that the VCR was going to harm the TV industry, they now feel the same could happen because of the DVR system. However, this probably won’t be the case. Instead, we’re bound to see some changes but more than likely this change will be good for us and for the TV industry in the same way that the VCR was good for everyone involved.

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